About Claire ...

Claire Ritchie is a passionate designer and maker of simple, functional clothing and accessories in bold and unique prints.

Claire studied Clothing Production and Fashion & Textile Design in her hometown Perth, Western Australia before moving to the east coast in 2007 with her sewing machine and a string of vibrant fabrics in tow. In 2018, she packed up her beloved Melbourne studio and headed north for a sunny change of pace. 

Several years of sewing to her own creative beat and always staying true to her values of treating our beautiful environment with care underpins what Claire Ritchie is all about. Claire challenges consumers to shop more carefully, to buy high quality items and treat them well, to slow down the fast fashion movement. She hopes her thoughtfully designed items will inspire people to shop with the same thoughtfulness.

Claire's interest in sustainability has led her to choosing digital printing on natural fabrics. She designs all prints herself, and has them printed locally with digital textile printers, Next State. All products are sewn by hand from her home studio in Brisbane.